Rantings of a Designer | You know you’re a designer when…

• You have a borderline unhealthy obsession for fonts
• You despise comic sans and scriptina makes you cringe
• You subconsciously redesign any website and logo you see
• You dread having to do anything that is not challenging your creativity. Forget the dishes, laundry and writing emails!
• No matter how hard you try, you can never really disconnect.
• Design ideas flood your mind constantly
• You love Wacom, Ai, Id, and Ps
• You have at minimum 1000 fonts on your computer
• You enjoy pointing out subliminal advertising in shows and movies
• You own an iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, AND an Apple TV. (You should go ahead and buy stock in Apple now)
• That personal design project you’ve been working on fails to cooperate with you, you put it down never to touch it again (or at least for a few months)
• Having work hours doesn’t actually matter since you work whenever you have a new design idea anyways
• It’s not uncommon for the entire day to pass you by while you’re sitting on the computer only to look up and see you’ve been working in the dark for at least an hour.
• Sometimes you are so engulfed in design that you forget to eat
• Your handwriting on paper sucks compared to your handwriting on the computer
• New pens, pencils, and markers excite you
• You dream of owning a Cintiq

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