Rantings of a Designer | Things that make me go “Uggh”

• comic sans

• logos that look like they were made in Paint circa 1998

• “professional” websites that aren’t self hosted like “www.imtoocheaptopayfivebucksamonthforalegithost.BLOGSPOT.com”

• copycats…I mean, I know they exist but isn’t it better to believe that you inspired someone to do something amazing rather than saying they are copying you?

• emails and messages asking me questions when the answers are easy to find on my site

• “I don’t know, you’re the designer” as the answer to most of the questions on my questionnaire

• Getting into my designing groove and then tiny people wake up and need to eat..lol (i love them though)

• taxes

• working with a tiny person on my lap hitting buttons (usually “delete”) on my keyboard or throwing my mouse on the floor

• deleting the facebook pages app on my phone so I can focus on family, only to download it again an hour later (fail)


• The fact that I have a habit of saving things to my desktop, making me look like a hoarder after only 3 days of moving everything to an external hard drive

• cooking

• keeping up with this blogging thing

• to-do lists that somehow double every time I check something off.. (Seriously, what is up with that?)

• the fact that Ai doesn’t autosave and occasionally crashes on me (usually after very extensive design work) rendering all of that hard work null and void. -_-

• trying to digitally write a single letter 27 times before I do it a way that I like

• Working REALLY hard on one design concept, moderately hard on another, and tossing together another just to have a 3rd option for the client and the client falls in love with the one that was tossed together..lol…I find it amusing that it happens 90% of the time like that..haha!

• servers that aren’t my beloved bluehost

• inconsiderate neighbors

• coffee (I know, I’m weird..I actually strongly dislike the taste of coffee)

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