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So I am completely in LOVE with ProPhoto! So much that I customize client site exclusively using ProPhoto, AND I use it on my own site as well (you know, the one you are visiting right now).

Their customer service is top notch!
Their product is top notch!
And they help to make my business (and the businesses I work with) top notch!
I back them up 110%. Like, legit. Use them even if you aren’t a photographer. They make having your site match your brand perfectly super easy!

I honestly don’t even remember how I heard of ProPhoto, but once I took a look around their site, I decided that it was worth the investment to do something awesome with my business, plus it was way past time to get rid of that site (ewwww!)

I used to (and still do because I’m too lazy at the moment to close my account with them) use for one of my photography businesses. Quite honestly, I would (and have) recommend ProPhoto a hundred times over Photobiz. Not because Photobiz is terrible or anything but because it is so incredibly limited in what you can do to customize it. That can get really aggravating when your brand calls for a rather specific style.

With Prophoto, every detail can be customized, down to uploading your own fonts. This makes for seamless integration of your brand on all levels.

Admittedly, there may be a tiny, minuscule learning curve if you are coming from a flash based site to a blogsite.
Since there are SO MANY customization options at your fingertips, it can be a lot to process if you were used to just uploading your images and changing a couple colors. But, in my opinion, ProPhoto makes customizing everything relatively easy with an easy-to-navigate interface.
This makes my job of installing your custom site ten times easier, since I don’t have to fiddle with coding (which I HATE) making the turnaround from the time you see your site concept during our proofing meeting, to the time you have a fully functional, user-friendly, LIVE site less than 6 hours (more often, less than 3). GUARANTEED!

So I recommend, If you don’t have ProPhoto already, get it!
Point blank. Period. End of story. You won’t regret it.
(especially if you get me to customize your site)

Ready to take the leap and purchase ProPhoto.
Get it HERE (and save $10 in the process, woot!)

Already have ProPhoto, and would like to have your site customized by Branded Love?
Click Here to Order now!

Check out this video if you’d like to learn a little more about ProPhoto and their amazing awesomeness!


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