First, and foremost, I am a work from home mom with three young children.
THEY are my priority.
For that reason, I only work with one client per day.

I am also a wife and homemaker.
Let’s face it, my husband needs attention, too, and I do have to make time to clean my house after my little walking/crawling hurricanes.
For that reason, I do NOT respond to any emails or texts before 9am EST or after 5pm EST and do not work on weekends or holidays.


Please, please, please (I am down on my knees begging you) do NOT  answer most of the questions with “You’re the designer” or “I don’t know”.
I have found that most often, answers like those, mean that you really have no idea what you want and you are looking to me to figure it out for you.
Sometimes, it is fun for me to have free reign during the design process, but when you have no clue what you really want, that gives me much more work to do than I should have had.
So, before you fill out your questionnaires, really sit back and think about what you want your brand to look like.
Create a pin board of ideas if you want (who doesn’t love Pinterest).
A clear picture of what you desire, makes for a very smooth process for everyone involved.


To be quite honest, I hate having to give refunds.
I try to avoid them like a plague.
That means that I am more than willing to continue working with you until you are 100% in love with your final design.
If after all of our efforts to make our designer/business owner relationship work, and I am still not giving you the look that you LOVE
(this issue is very rare btw, but it definitely happens from time to time)
Then I would give you a full refund on your order (less 30% for my design time, because I can’t work for free).
HOWEVER, if you have already received your final files, NO REFUND will be honored.


I SPECIALIZE in prophoto sites.
When you choose the package that includes prophoto, that means that you will receive ONE prophoto site fully installed to match your brand.
You WILL have to purchase prophoto yourself separately.
Sites are installed after approval of all of the elements.
You can expect your site to be installed within ONE WEEK of your final approval.


Your approval is enough for me to move forward with installing sites and sending final files. If after a site has been fully installed and you decide that you want a completely new site and concept, a new order would have to be placed by you. So when you say “Yes! I approve/love everything” , you are saying you understand that install is about to begin and further major changes cannot be made without an additional payment.

In the case that you decide you would like to have any substantial revisions made to your site, you will be charged $100 per hour (with a minimum of one hour) for the revisions.


Because I strive so hard to make sure that each client is completely happy with their final design before I send them the actual files, I will not make any major revisions to logos after I send the files. Think about it this way: If I were to do that, then essentially you are getting more different logos to use than you originally paid for (if you so choose) because you already have all of the files for the original ones that I sent out. Good for you, but bad for me. So if you wanted major changes to your logo (ie. name change, design elements changed, overall set up and “feel” changed) you would need to pay a separate cost for me to start from scratch.

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