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Understanding the client is a valuable part of being a business owner and an artist. I understand that I need to connect both personally and emotionally in order to truly capture an experience. With photography especially, being able to understand client needs and desires is essential.

Smile Peace Love Photography specializes in a documentary style of capturing moments for a lifetime.

My mother is my inspiration. She guides me every day and pushes me to be the best person I can be. In 1987 my mother began the fight of her life. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor that could not be removed. She struggled through years of Chemotherapy and radiation treatments and with the love and help of my father she was an amazing mother. She was always there to lift your spirits and to offer her “words of wisdom”. My mother never wanted to talk about death or her future, she lived every day as if it were her last. In 2005, after 18 long and wonderful years my mother lost her battle. She did not lose her life, she lost the battle. Her life continues in everyone that loves her and this is where the phrase “Smile Peace Love” comes in.

As my father, brother & I were in the funeral home, trying desperately to decide on the arrangements and wondering what mom would have wanted, we got a call. We were literally minutes from signing the paperwork when my Aunt called and said she found a journal of my mother’s. She brought the journal to us at the funeral home and there in the pages of her memories were instructions for her funeral service. She kept it simple and graceful and her only real request was that 3 simple words be put on her headstone…

Smile Peace Love

Since my mother’s passing, this phrase has graced my life in so many ways. All of her family uses it as a goodbye & hello. It is hung in homes on walls, stenciled on furniture, painted on murals, it is repeated daily by someone who loved her dearly. The three words she cherished the most. And again, my guardian angel and my dear mother has inspired me to follow my dreams. This is where Smile Peace Love Photography comes into play. Her words, and her grandson, that she never had the chance to meet, have inspired me to move forward in my life. With her passion for life prominent in my memory, I strive to push myself and follow my dreams. I am an independent, strong-willed, passionate, loud mouth, veteran, artist & mother.

Because my business is named with my mother’s favorite words, and because friends and family were very important to her, I consider all of my clients to be friends & family. You become a part of my life and because of you, I grow as a person. No matter how small our interaction, I welcome you to my life, my art & my family.

WELCOME to Smile Peace Love!

We recently just opened our new eStore with Business Goodies, Templates, Tools, Design Elements and Gifts for Photographers. Each week we deliver to you a fresh new set of designs requested by the members of our Budding Photographer Program. We celebrate innovation and creative entrepreneurs! Our tools and design products are focused on saving time and making your job easier.

Our most exciting new feature is the Budding Photographer Program. Through this program we are offering generous discounts on everything we have in our shop and free exclusive, members-only downloads. We will be implementing new designs each week and adding things like eLearning Modules and workshops.

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