12 Concepts to a Better Business | Think outside of the box

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YES! It’s time you get your butt up and start thinking outside of the box. Last month, we focused on the “fluff” of turning your dream into a goal…Easy enough, right? But, now its time you figure out how your goal can make a difference.

It’s time to





What can you offer the industry that isn’t already there?
What will be the thing that sets you apart?
How will you present yourself to people and get your name out there?

If you were creative enough to dream it, you’re creative enough to figure out a way to excel in it.

This goes for photographers, designers, inventors…basically any type of entrepreneur who is committed to being the most awesome business owner out there.

Even the best known inventors and entrepreneurs of our time started somewhere.

DID YOU KNOW that Steve Jobs started out helping to make (illegal) blue boxes that allowed people to make free phone calls before him and Steve Wozniak created the Apple I, and later the more profitable Apple II that put Apple on the map?
(this is NOT saying do something illegal to get on..lol)

Pray, brainstorm, do surveys (whatever floats your boat) and find out what your target market craves.
Remember though, do not make the love or desire for money be your driving force for your business plans…that’s is how you destine yourself for failure..
When your passion for change, your passion for doing what you LOVE is what fuels you, there is nothing that can take your satisfaction away.



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